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Purchase Playbill Ad Space

By supporting St. George Dance Company, you are supporting our community.

Why advertise with SGDC:

  • Reach as many as 1000 people in just 2 nights

  • Our Digital Programs include links that go directly to your website.

  • Support the growth of the  arts in Southern Utah

  • Keep it local – help us promote local businesses in our community

  • Keep dance a thriving art form in Southern Utah

  • Be a part of Vista School’s gorgeous new theater

  • Get complimentary tickets to the show! *Depending on ad purchase*

What your purchase goes toward:

  • Community Outreach

    • Community Classes

    • Free Community Night

    • Master Classes

  • Production Costs

    • Theater and rehearsal spaces

    • Costumes

    • Sets – this show requires a lot of chairs!

    • Lighting Design and Sound Engineering

  • Choreographer fees

  • Dancer stipends

  • Keep ticket prices down!

  • Much, much more…

Purchase Playbill Ad Space

for St. George Dance Company’s 2023 Spring Show

“Have a Seat”

April 21, 22, 2023 - Vista School Theater


Ad Space Options - Digital Playbill

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