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Every donation matters. Your support will help us achieve our mission to enrich our community's local artistic culture through professional dance. 

Your donation will help us with:

  • Community Outreach 

    • We provide a myriad of educational and collaborative opportunities to our community. We offer community classes, our yearly, free community night, master classes and other local artist collaborations.

  • Production Costs

    • The average cost per show is $13,000+. Your contribution would go towards specific costs such as theater and rehearsal space rentals, costumes, set design, lighting design, sound engineering, stage management, marketing, production materials and much much more.

  • Choreographer Fees 

    • We would not have beautiful and witty productions without talented choreographers. We strive to hire local artists as well as collaborate with choreographers from around the country.

  • Dancer Stipends

    • Our dancers put in countless hours of rehearsals, spacing, lighting, photo shoots, marketing and so much more. They are the heart and soul of our company.

  • Keep Ticket Prices Down

    • Costs are going up all over, even in the cultural and artistic community. Help us keep our ticket prices down and keep our audience numbers up!


Donors may specify how their contribution is utilized.

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