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  • Create – Innovative work which connects, inspires, captivates, and intellectually stimulates audiences.


  • Provide Opportunity – Secure professional performance venues for continuing dancers, choreographers, and patrons.


  • Educate – Bring contemporary dance to the forefront of our community's artistic culture as an accessible and valued art form through performances, lecture demonstrations, master classes and collaborations with other artists in various mediums.


St. George Dance company is a growing collective of professional dance artists and community members committed to actualizing the art of dance! It is a company that strives to create professional work while being inclusive of dance professionals and community members raising families, attending school, and working. In addition to creating work for our local community, the company at times has traveled and performed in New York, California, and Salt Lake City.


Summer Belnap Robertson created St George Dance Company under "Summer and Company" in 2003 in New York. She renamed it when she moved back to Washington County and later established it as a non-profit in 2016. Robertson created opportunities for dancers and strove diligently to bring modern dance to the forefront as an accessible and viable art form.


Jennie Jones took over the artistic role in the company in 2019. As a dancer-storyteller, her goal was to create interactive story-based works that would engage patrons and shift the perception of contemporary dance. The live music, intriguing choreography, and story-based works have helped audiences connect to dance in a fun, new way.


In continuing the legacy, SGDance Co. will now look to Sarah Reynolds, a gifted collaborator who looks forward to expanding opportunities for dancers while embracing the tradition of making dance engaging, relatable, and accessible.

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