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3 Day Workshop


Three Days of Intensive Training!


Workshop classes will be taught by Bruce Wood Dance, St. George Dance Company, and other amazing professionals.  This year we are excited to offer Partnering, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Improv, Broadway, and more!  

Four levels to make sure you are challenged appropriately:

  • Professional: This is for professional dancers  and those ages 16 and up who are at that elite level, as well as returning professionals.  $210 (four, 1 ½ hour classes per day)

  • Advanced:  College and High School age- for those who are dancing at a highly advanced  or pre professional level.    $210 (four, 1 ½ hour classes per day)

  • Advanced Intermediate:  This is for high intermediate level dancers ages 12 yrs and up who have at least four years of formal dance training.   $185 (four 1 hr 15 min classes per day)

  • Junior Intermediate: This is for our younger or less experienced Red Rock dancers, ages 9-15 years old who have at least two years of formal dance training. They will have three 1 hour classes per day for $130.


Registration Fee of $25 is non-refundable.


Freebies with your Registration!

  • Red Rock Dance Festival T-shirt ($20 value)

  • One ticket to the Bruce Wood Dance concert Friday May 31st at 7:30 pm ($16-25 value)

  • Dancer may attend the Choreography Finals Showcase Saturday June 1st at 7:30 pm ($16-25 value) for free if they are performing in their REP piece.

Repertory Classes: 

  • Pro Level: BWD repertory choreography will be taught and rehearsed during the Rep classes and performed on the Saturday night Choreography Showcase Finals.

  • Advanced and Adv/Intermediate Levels:  A St George Dance Company director or dancer, will set a piece for you during your Rep classes to perform in the Saturday night Showcase Finals.

  • You must be able to commit to attending ALL REP CLASSES and the assigned TECH REHEARSAL in order to perform.

  • You will need to provide your own black fitted dance wear as a costume for this piece Saturday night.

  • You will be able to purchase a high-quality performance video of your REP piece. 

  • Junior Intermediate level will not have a Rep piece so that they may focus on technique classes. 

Register before March 31st for a discount of $20!

Use EARLYBIRD20 at checkout

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Orientation and Opening Social

We have an exciting, new, opening social Wednesday May29th  at 5 pm in the Eccles Theater.  Bruce Wood Dance will introduce themselves, followed by small group discussions~ everything you wanted. to know about the dance world!  Then, join them in the lobby for mingling and light refreshments.  You may also pick up your shirt and packet at this time. 

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