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It is our mission to bring this production to as many people as

possible in the most professional and powerful way.


Be a part of moving this work forward in 2023


We are extremely grateful for our current sponsors~ we couldn't do this without them!  Thank you SGDance, DSU Dean of Students, St. George City RAP Tax, Washington County RAP Tax, Paparazzi, Madsen Homes, SUHBA , and Menchies!

However, many people would be really surprised at what goes into a production like this. Venue, technical and house labor, marketing, sets and costumes, performer stipends, photography and videography, graphic and web design, etc. total well over $25,000! Most of our 45 cast members, administration, marketing, and directors are volunteers but we are committed to giving at least a small thank you stipend to soloists, lead dancers and choreographers. 

Ticket sales will cover a portion of this cost, but we feel it is important to keep the cost of tickets at a minimum and offer discounts so that it is feasible for families and people of all economic demographics to attend. We rely on donations, sponsored services, and playbill ad sales to break even on production expenses. We would greatly appreciate your support of this effort!

Please consider a 501-C3 Tax Deductible Donation!

Specify: Hope of the World    or    General SGDance Company

What if…

  • We could pay the performers what their expertise is worth?

  • We could produce this production in several locations to reach people in different cities or states?

  • We could create a dance film that could be shared online to millions?

  • We could have an original score written?

  • We could bring on headliner performers to draw even greater audiences?

We will recognize your contributions in the playbill as well as highlighting your business on our website and Facebook pages! You will receive a receipt for your tax records, and donations over $1000 will receive 4 complimentary tickets, a small art print, and a souvenir ornament.

Thank you so very much!




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