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SGDC Youth Artists Program

St. GEORGE DANCE COMPANY believes great dancers are both artists and technicians. We are excited to provide youth classes to young dancers who wish to pursue higher level dance education including college and professional careers. CLASSES are available for grades 3rd-12th in ballet and contemporary techniques focused on correct training and artistry. SGDC YOUTH ARTIST PERFORMANCE COMPANY welcomes auditions for grades 9th-12th.

Class Schedule

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Contemporary (Int 3rd-5th, Int/Adv 6th+, Adv 9th+)

Contemporary is an essential style for professional dancers that explores and stretches the many ways a human can move. Students will explore movement qualities and grounded floorwork that will strengthen their performance maturity and build their creative skills in creating their own works.


Ballet (Int 3rd-5th, Int/Adv 6th+, Adv 9th+)

Ballet is the foundation of performance dance. Students will strengthen and clean their technique and refine their artistry while strengthening their memory through challenging combinations. 


Pointe 1

This class is for dancers who are already En Pointe, to clean the basics of pointe technique. In the future, pointe levels will be added as well as pointe prep courses when Intermediate students are ready. 


Boy’s Class (3rd-5th grade)

This is a technique based class that will cover ballet and contemporary concepts that are for boys' bodies. Students will work on core strength, alignment, flexibility and coordination for future skills. 


Men’s Class

This is a technique based class that will cover ballet and contemporary skills that are unique to male dance ability. Students will work on strength conditioning for partnering and challenging jumps. 


YAPC Rehearsal 

This block is a rehearsal hour for the Youth Artists Performance Company (9th+ by audition) to prepare pieces for upcoming performances.


Grades 9th - 12th 



is an opportunity for High School dancers to gain professional dance experience through partial apprenticeship with the St. George Dance Company. The YAPC will perform in SGDC pre-shows, as well as have opportunities to be cast in full SGDC productions including Murder Mystery, Spooktacular, Hope of the World, and the Spring Concert.  Auditions will be held June 24th, 2021! Click here to Register for the audition!

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