Buddy Holly Gets a Date
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St. George Dance Company presents Buddy Holly Gets A Date: a modern-day love story set to oldies music. Created and Directed by Artistic Director Jennie Jones with guest choreography by St. George Dance Company dancers, Rachel Holman and Rachel Blackford, and from  Jamie Waters and Tino Smith. 


Set to the nostalgic sounds of Connie Francis, The Platters, The Flamingos and of course, Buddy Holly, Buddy Holly Gets A Date juxtaposes the sweet lyrics of 1950s romance with the sometimes “automated” experience of trying to date in a digitally connected world. It explores the universal themes of friendship, unrequited love, heartbreak, and romance through the artistic and athletic movement of contemporary dance, and follows the experience of a modern-day Buddy Holly in his search for love.


In the words of creator and director, Jennie Jones, “The lyrics of love songs may have changed over the last 60 years, but the feelings are the same.” Dance is such a beautiful, visceral expression of those more tender feelings of vulnerability and human connection, and this production puts the spectrum of love on full display.. But Buddy Holly isn’t all serious inquiries about love. Drawing from *real-life* research, the dancers take advantage of the opportunity that modern-day dating provides to laugh at ourselves and our shared human experience...but of course, all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Buddy Holly Gets a Date

March 19-20th Electric Theatre 7:30pm


Buddy Holly Gets a Date

April 16-17th 7:30pm, 2pm Sat Matinee


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One hundred years ago, Americans rang in the new decade with women sporting new short haircuts, fancy-free flapper dresses, and a newfound political voice. Both men and women found "creative" ways to bypass the Prohibition movement and everyone enjoyed lots and lots of jazz music!


Step back in time to the world of speakeasies, gangsters, and corset

liberation through the artistic storytelling and athletic movement of

St. George Dance Company. Set to the musical stylings of iconic jazz era artists such as George Gershwin, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington, this throw-back evening will be a great escape. So don your best gangster suit or beaded dress, and get your "dogs" in some dancing shoes, because you're invited to a Gatsby party!


But don't forget to watch for

the clues! One of these shady characters is a murderer, and the audience will need to figger out whodunnit!