2021 Red Rock Dance Festival Safety Protocols

(These protocols are currently in place at DSU and will be implemented during the festival.)


  1. All participants will have their symptoms checked at the beginning of each day of classes: temperature taken and symptom check questions asked.

  2. All participants will be required to wear a mask when they are indoors in any university building (this includes all dance studios). 

  3. Barres and floors are sanitized between each class. We use a spray sanitizer that has been researched and proven very effective during its use over the last 10 months.  It is currently being used between classes at local studios as well. 

  4. Dancers and teachers must use hand sanitizer before and after classes, and must wear socks or dance shoes (no bare feet) on dance studio floors, street shoes are removed before entering the studio.

  5. Class capacity is capped according to the ability to space dancers 6 feet apart.  One room is allowed 24 dancers, the others only 15 and 16 dancers per space.  (If state and university policy are lightened, this will increase to 30 in Graff 101, and 25 in the other rooms- which is less than 6 feet but not crowded for the room sizes).

  6. No partnering, or touching (manual correction) is allowed during workshop classes.  

  7. Performers are encouraged but not required to wear a mask on stage, they will mask up in all backstage areas.

  8. Audiences are more than 10 feet away from the stage, spaced every other row, with 3 seats in between "households", and must wear a mask.

  9. Participants sign a liability waiver that includes Covid specifically.  They also agree to comply with all protocols as they register.  We will remind them of this at orientation, and expel any who don't comply.

Exceptions to numbers #’s 2, 6  include:

The Utah Health Guidelines state, under the “Public Gathering” section, that “Masks are required; (egress/ingress included) performers/athletes are exempt while performing”. The following exception will be made at our festival:

  • Discretion will be given to the dancers regarding proximity, interaction, and choice of foot covering, or lack thereof, during performance on stage in the DSU Eccles Theatre.

*If current state and university safety protocols lighten, we will consider adjusting the above protocols. 

Circumstances in which we would need to cancel the festival:

  1. State or University prohibits use of the facilities as we plan to use them.

  2. Extensive outbreak in which the risk status is elevated and people are advised to stay home.

  3. If registration is extremely low, making it fiscally irresponsible to hold it.

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